This Lemon Foot Soak Can Help Detoxify Your Whole Body



At the end of the day, millions of people feel too tired, in pains, and in a bad mood, just because they have been standing during most of the day, or have been walking in uncomfortable shoes or high heels.
Unfortunately, we rarely pay attention to our feet, even though they bear the heavy load of our body weight during the entire day, and support all our movements.  Therefore, issues like varicose veins cracked heels, and fungal infections are quite common, but fortunately, there are natural ways to treat them.
There is nothing better than a nice, warm, soothing foot soak after a long day at work, but this practice will also support your overall health. Namely, foot soaks destroy fungi and bacteria, and are an excellent way to detoxify the entire body.
If you add salts to the soak, you will optimize your iodine levels, relieve pain, and relax the entire body.
Here is how to prepare a simple foot soak:
Ingredients : 

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