Nougat Recipe

Christmas is coming, it cannot be denied, so get into the spirit by baking this delicious Nougat Recipe

This was good. I used blanched hazels and toasted them first. It is important to make sure that the sugar is properly melted before boiling; sugar crystals remaining can make it crunchy, which is nice

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The BEST Nougat Recipe that your family and friends won’t be able to stop eating. Consider this a warning, folks… you can’t have just one of these chocolatey

If you make it with good, well-flavored honey it will taste pleasantly of that.

Nougat Recipe



2 tbsp Butter

2 bags Mini Marshmallows (250g per bag)

2 bags White Chocolate Chips (225g per bag)

2 cups Gumdrops


  1. Melt first 3 ingredients together until smooth.

    Mix in gumdrops.

    Spread on parchment paper lined 9×13 pan.

    Chill overnight in fridge.

    Cut into squares.

    **can be stored in freezer


If you don’t have a candy thermometer, you can test for the hard-ball stage by dropping a spoonful of syrup into a glass of iced water. If it forms a hard ball, it has reached hard-ball stage.