honey garlic butter salmon in foil

Honey AND garlic butter all mixed together is one thing, but smearing it on a good side of salmon is something else! Baking it in its own foil packet makes it so juicy and tender, it falls apart on its own. Your new favourite salmon recipe is here!

How do I know you’ll love this recipe? Because…..I just do. In all seriousness, this Browned Butter Honey Garlic Salmon as been remade and reshared and repined over 200,000 times, I knew I had to come out with an easier recipe with less mess and clean up. With this recipe, there’s no need to brown any butter, BUT, we do melt the butter first. Then, we mix the honey and garlic through it. Ohhhhhh laaawwwwwdddd……

Then, we POUR and SMEAR the butter alllllll over this salmon, and you just know the flavours are going to go right through this fish, resulting in an incredible sweet, garlicky and salty flavour. Fold the foil over and seal it well to prevent any sauce seeping through any gaps. You want your sauce to STAY in your fish, right?
THEN, (because that’s not enough), you’re going to open your foil packet and broil (or grill for us Aussies) the salmon, which results in a caramelised, crispy top, and a tender, flakey middle. Gah!

THEN, you can either slice it up ready to serve to your guests….. OR….

…..pull it apart as soon as it comes out of the oven into a flakey mess and serve it over steamed rice or salad or vegetables or pasta. The options are endless.

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