Enjoy A Relaxing Night With This No bake Chocolate Eclair Cake As Your Company!



Luxurious, glamorous and decadent are the words that come to mind when I see THIS!

Eclairs were the first gifts I got from my husband when we were still boyfriend-girlfriend. He asked my friends behind my back about my preferred gifts. They knew that flowers were not my thing except perhaps if it’s a single-stemmed rose. I am not too much into cheesy surprises too so balloons and teddy bears are out of the question. He asked the right sets of friends though because he presented a box of eclairs and a tall cup of coffee when he first declared his intention of wanting to get to know me romantically.

That was the time I knew his intentions were true. We were teased by our friends together, but I never took it seriously. Well, until that morning when he stood in front of my doorstep.

Men who research what a girl wants is worth taking seriously. It always means you are serious about wanting to get to know the girl. When my sons grow up, I will tell them to follow the footsteps of their father when it comes to getting to know a woman.

Why am I talking about this again? Oh yes, because of the eclairs. You see, our wedding anniversary is next month and I am pretty sure he’ll be giving me a box of eclairs again (for sentimental purposes).

It’s been a tradition between the two of us. He would come home with a box of eclairs and a cup of coffee for me. We’ll eat dinner composed of tomato-less lasagna (this is a story for another day) and share the eclairs.

It’s a simple celebration, but we both know it’s a special night.

Quick Tip: One box of graham crackers contains 3 individually wrapped packages of crackers. Use one package for each layer of this decadent no-bake dessert.


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